I am Dr Eva Moreda Rodríguez, a lecturer in Music at the University of Glasgow. This blog is intended as a companion to my research project Early Recording Cultures in Spain, 1880-1905: Towards a Transnational History, which will run from January 2018 to June 2019 under a Leadership Fellowship funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

One aim of my research project is to produce the first critical account of the early history of phonography in Spain (1880 to 1905) – a convoluted time for the country, which in 1898 lost the last territories of its colonial empire and was confronted with a number of complicated questions regarding national identity, modernity and progress. But I hope my project will too be of interest to anyone studying the history of early recordings anywhere in the world – because I believe that, in telling this story, we should pay more attention to local specificities and strive to understand how a myriad of entrepreneurs, musicians and listeners spread across countries helped shape the inventions coming out of Edison’s factory into the practices and artifacts we know today.