Map: Gabinetes fonográficos and theatres in Madrid, 1896-1904

Gabinetes fonográficos and theatres in Madrid, 1896-1904

The map shows the location of gabinetes fonográficos in Madrid between 1896 and 1904, before recording multinationals (Gramophone, Odeon, Pathé, etc.) arrived in Spain. Gabinetes produced and sold their own recordings, and the fact that several of them were close to zarzuela theatres might have helped them gain customers keen to own recordings of the singers they had heard live: this is an idea I’m currently exploring in my research. Click on each of the gabinetes to see press advertisements.

The following video shows a chronological visualization of the gabinetes – please note that some of them continued in existence after 1904, no longer selling their own material, but acting as importers for multinational record labels. The recording is a jota from the zarzuela Los timplaos, recorded by the gabinete Hugens  y Acosta.